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Hope Church now has the opportunity to respond to needs we are made aware of through the CarePortal.  If there is a need we think we can meet, then we are given the opportunity to make a personal connection with that family to share the love of Christ in tangible ways. 


Hope Church has now helped four families through CarePortal. You can help through assisting with needs as they become known and through your donations that help us help children in need.


We are ready, willing and able to help others. Please let us know if any of you sees a need anywhere in the community where we could help.

The Women of Hope met at the house of Linda Fields while she was in the hospital for spinal surgery. They removed all the weeds and prepared the flower beds for Spring. Thank you to these wonderful friends. Remember these women if you need help with a project. The women of this church are experienced in many things. Just contact the church if you need help with anything and we will get back to you.


This is usually held the third Saturday of each month

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