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Values, Mission and Vision Statements for Hope United Methodist Church


 Hope United Methodist Church is a Christ-centered community of faith whose Core Values are:


  • Welcoming all persons into a truly caring, loving, nurturing, respecting and forgiving Christian environment.

  • Giving back to God in gratitude with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and talents.

  • Being Christ-Centered-Based on the teachings, examples and life of Jesus Christ; embracing Jesus’ mandate to love God, love neighbor and making disciples of all people. And,

  • Traditional in our Methodist heritage, faith and worship.




The mission of Hope United Methodist Church is to worship as one, to serve our community and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is our vision to glorify God by welcoming all in a Christian environment, strengthening families, mentoring the young, building relationships, growing disciples, and serving others.

Pastor Clark.jpg

Rev. Clark Hess, Pastor

If You Want to Contact Pastor Clark

I invite you to reach out to me during these unusual and difficult days. You can reach me in several ways:


Phone: 740-821-1015

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