*** BREAKING NEWS***   We will return to In-Person Worship on Sunday March 7th at 10:00 am. Service will be held at Hope UMC.

In-Person Worship Returns March 7 at Hope We will resume in-person worship Sunday March 7. We will continue providing the safest environment as possible…social distancing and sanitizing surfaces. We continue to ask folks to wear masks.

• Do you miss the inspiring piano music of Dwight and Theresa? Come that Sunday to heighten your worship. Also, through the month of March we will mix in special touches of music where possible to add inspiration to your worship experience.

• Do you miss sharing in the Lord’s Supper? Come that Sunday to experience a special Lenten communion service.

• Do you miss worshiping with your beloved congregational friends? Come that Sunday to share a time of being knit-together as the family of Christ.

• Pass the word. Invite a friend. Pray with expectancy. Come with joy.


Seven Words TO the Cross - A Lenten Series in the Gospels The Gospels record what are known as “the seven last words” of Jesus—the last phrases spoken from the Cross by Christ in the final hours of His earthly life. Consider, on the other hand, the seven words TO the Cross. Drawing upon (but not limited to) J. Ellsworth Kalas’s Lenten study (one of my preaching professors at Asbury), we want to explore the other side of the story. What did the participants and passersby speak back to the Cross? What response did Jesus’ crucifixion stir in their minds and hearts? These words form a powerful backdrop for our worship series during Lent because people down through the ages have spoken the same themes, in the same spirit, as the words spoken nearly twenty centuries ago. Through these words spoken to the Cross, we capture a revealing—sometimes uncomfortably exposing—glimpse into the human heart. Along the way, we will see from a fresh perspective what God was up to in Jesus’ crucifixion. Most of all, this series will compel us to ponder what has been our response to the Cross?

  • February 21 First Week in Lent “The Word of Scorn” Matthew 27:39-44 “He saved others; he cannot save himself”

  • February 28 Second Week in Lent “The Word of Indifference” John 19:23-27 “Rather than tearing it apart, let’s throw dice for it.”

  • March 7 Third Week in Lent “The Word of Faith” Luke 23:39-43 RETURN TO IN-PERSON WORSHIP “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.”

  • March 14 Fourth Week in Lent “The Word of Testimony” Mark 15: 33-39 “Truly this was God’s Son!”

  • March 21 Fifth Week in Lent “The Courageous Word” Mark 15:42-47 “Joseph went boldly to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus”

  • March 28 Sixth Week in Lent “The Futile Word” Matthew 27:62-66 “Command the tomb to be made secure”

  • April 4 Easter Sunday “The Triumphant Word” John 20:11-18 “I have seen the Lord!”


The 2021 Church Directories are now ready. They are bright green (easy to find) and I will have them laid out on the kitchen countertop if you’d like to pick one up. If you do pick them up, and can deliver to them anyone else, please do and cross your name and their names off the list accompanying the directories. Since we are not attending church it would be pretty expensive to mail these out to everyone, so I’m hoping we can get enough delivered that we don’t have to mail out too many. The mailing of these directories will be at $1.20 each, so if you can pick yours up or deliver some, please do.

Women of Hope

The baby clothes and toy sorting was the first mission of the new Mission Group call The Women of Hope. This wasn’t announced well because we didn’t want too many to come as we all tried to practice safe distancing and wore our masks. This will also be true as we make valentine cookies on the 10th, package and deliver the cookies on the 12th. Keep you minds open for other ways that we can serve our community in the future.

Hopeful Hearts Clothing Ministry

A group of women met and worked on the baby clothing and toys that have been dropped off to our church over the past year. What a bunch of “stuff” we had. It is nearly done and we are hoping to be able to open up for summer. We are still looking for additional shelving for this ministry. We prefer short shelving so kids don’t have the urge to climb to get to something higher.

Trash and Treasure Sale

Our biggest mission every year.


After being cancelled in 2020, we hope to have it return in October 2021. Stay tuned for more information.


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